Study Microbiology in NZ

Microorganisms have a significant impact on New Zealand Society, from a crucial role in the manufacturing of dairy products, beer, wine and other foodstuffs, to causing life-threatening human diseases.

It is not surprising therefore, that microbiologists are employed in many fields of manufacturing, quality control, research and health care . A significant number of microbiologists work for agricultural and livestock industries, and recently there has been an increase in the number of biotechnology companies employing microbiologists. Much microbiological research is carried out in private research institutes, Crown Research Institutes, Universities and Polytechnics. There are also a number of microbiologists involved in microbiological testing and research carried out in hospitals and clinical laboratories around the country.

A range of opportunities exist in New Zealand to train as a Professional Microbiologist or to carry out postgraduate training in Microbiology. The links on this page are designed to help you find information on training opportunities in this exciting field.

Degree Courses in Microbiology

The following Universities offer degree courses in Microbiology. Following the link to their respective webpages will provide you with information on course structure, pre-requisites and other information to help you choose and/or tailor a course to your requirements.

Degree Courses in Medical and Laboratory Sciences

Medical Laboratory Scientists are specialised health professionals whose role is to provide essential diagnostic information about a patients state of health. The following Universities offer degree courses in Medical and Laboratory Sciences, and incorporate considerable training in Microbiology into the course.

Courses, including Certificate of Laboratory Science, Certificate of Laboratory Technology and Diploma in Applied Science, are available through many Tertiary Institutes (Polytechnics) and one private provider (Real World Education These courses incorporate Microbiology in their teaching curricula.

Postgraduate Study in Microbiology

For those already trained in Microbiology, post-graduate study can offer an exciting opportunity to extend your understanding of microbiology. A number of University Departments, Crown Research Institutes and Research Institutions offer post-graduate training opportunities in Microbiology.