J. Brooks

Elected to Honorary membership: 
Institute for Applied Ecology New Zealand, AUT

John Brooks is a microbiologist, specialising in food microbiology. On graduation from London University, he spent a period of time working at ICI UK, helping to develop the methanol-based Single Cell Protein process. He did a PhD in biochemical engineering at the University of Sydney, continuing his work on C1 metabolism.

After finishing the PhD, John took up a position at Massey University, teaching food microbiology, and remained there for 30 years, eventually specializing in biofilm research. John is now Professor of Food Microbiology at Auckland University of Technology. He has consulted extensively for the food industry and Ministry of Primary Industries.

His long-term interest in flying gliders has recently led to flying Unmanned Aerial Vehicles, and in January 2014 he will be working in Antarctica, flying UAVs for the New Zealand Terrestrial Biodiversity Survey.

Blog: Safe Food http://foodsafetywithjaybee.blogspot.com