Cyril Hopkirk

Elected to Honorary membership: 
Wallaceville Animal Research Centre

Cyril Spottiswoode Moy Hopkirk was born in October 1894 and passed away in 1987. He joined Wallaceville Animal Diagnostic and Research Laboratory in 1912 as a laboratory assistant. After war service in Palestine, he entered the Melbourne Veterinary School, graduating BVSc with 1 st Class Honours in 1923. Shortly afterwards, he was appointed Officer in Charge of the Wallaceville Laboratory, a position he filled for the next 21 years. He made notable contributions in research, particularly in the field of bovine mastitis. This and other work resulted in the award of the degree of DVSc by the University of Melbourne. He resigned from Wallaceville after the Second World War and worked internationally as a Senior Veterinarian for UNRRA. Later, he was leader of an FAO mission in Ethiopia. On his return to NZ, in spite of his advancing years, he continued to act as a consultant to Tasman Vaccine Laboratory.

In 1959, he accepted a temporary lectureship at Lincoln University for two years. As a veterinarian, Cyril Hopkirk played a significant role within the profession, holding the Presidency of the NZ Veterinary Association on three occasions, was Honorary Secretary for 12 years, and a councillor. The Hopkirk Research Institute, the building of which started at Massey University in April 2005, was so named after him. Dr Hopkirk was elected an Honorary Member of NZMS in 1972.