C. G. Harfoot

BSc, PhD
Newsletter Editor 1989-2000
Elected to Honorary membership: 
Waikato University

Chris Harfoot was born in 1941 in Cornwall. He studied microbiology and chemistry at the University of Reading from whence he graduated with a PhD for his studies on myxobacteria. He then moved to Scotland to a job studying rumen microbiology at the Hannah Research Institute. At this stage Chris was more of a lipid biochemist than a microbiologist. In 1975 he came back to classical microbiology after he married and moved to NZ. Here he took up a position in the Department of Biological Sciences at Waikato University, where he worked with purple non-sulphur bacteria, sulphate-reducing bacteria and other anaerobes involved in carbon and sulphur cycling. These studies involved two trips to Antarctica looking at microbes in the Dry Valley lakes.

From 1991 Chris was appointed Pro-Dean of the School of Science and Technology. Apart from enjoying his teaching commitments, Chris was an active research worker, which resulted in 4 book chapters, 2 review articles and 41 refereed papers. Chris's main contribution to NZMS was the unenviable task of editing the 'Newsletter' and 'NZ Microbiology', the two formats the Society has used to communicate with its members, for some 15 years, from 1985 until 2000. For his services to the Society, Chris was elected an Honorary Member in 2001. Chris retired in 2003.